888 Holdings Introduce a new CFO


888 Holdings Introduce a new CFO

The most recent news in the world of online gambling hit the market as 888 Holdings set a new CFO.

One of the leading online casino operators appoints Yariv Dafna as Chief Financial Officer to accomplish financial growth.

Being among industry leaders helps 888 Holdings adapt to inner changes and continue producing great casino content.

Dafna will officially claim his role in the company, carrying significant experience and expertise in the field.

888 Holdings – Keeping up with the company’s tradition

Although improvements in operation are anticipated by the 888 Holdings board, the new CFO will have to act accordingly to corporate tradition.

Up until now, 888 casino had always offered a significant choice of casino games to its customers and players.

The online gambling market also lives up to certain changes, however, 888 holdings shouldn’t deviate from tradition. Their players are always glad to revisit the site specifically for all the casino bonuses and various game selection that the company has to offer.

The main focus is going towards slot games as these games are rising in popularity nowadays. Furthermore, 888 holdings add the various table and card games to selection.

This is the part where 888 holdings dominate the market – there are not that many online casinos offering similar casino game selection.

Besides regular casino games, 888 casino also offers some less-advertised choices like Pai Gow, Sic Bo, and Caribbean stud.

However, this is not where the offer ends. More unique casino games can be found at the site including slots from the best providers and other table and live dealing room games.

888 Holdings give their best to serve the best games to players, including Bingo, Baccarat, and roulette games.

Poker games are another specialty that the future CFO will have to have in mind when making financial decisions.

Impact of the new CFO on corporate tradition

Knowing how much can 888 casinos offer to players, the new CFO will have some difficult decisions to make regarding finances.

The company wants to raise its profit level but still offers most of the existing game portfolio to players.

Furthermore, recent partnership agreements require 888 holdings to live up to its name and rock the market once more.

Rich with experience in online corporation's finances, Dafna takes complete trust of the board in undertakes to come.

His work in Telit Communications hasn’t gone unnoticed. That experience helped him get into the role of CEO and CFO in a major online company with so many customers.

Now, the situation is similar, only Dafne joins the online casino platform striving to success and recognition of new players.

As it is not challenging enough, 888 Holdings wants new expansion goals so Dafna will have to quickly adjust.

There are many responsibilities in running such a well-known online organization in terms of finances.

However, with the right approach and support, the board of 888 holdings trusts Dafne to do an outstanding job as a new CFO.


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