New Tournaments Incoming from Intertops


There are many live casino websites where you can play card games, but Intertops Poker now delivers a special offer.

The site offers casino games with main focus on poker games and therefore it organizes a special tournament.

Stakes are low and prizes are big, so every player should look into this offer to play at such a recognized poker site.

Tournament requirements and details

It starts to look like Intertops Poker is going to organize one wrap-up poker tournament at the end of every month.

Rules are simple; each player needs to apply for the tournament by registering at least 90 minutes before the start. Buy in is pretty low as it is only NZ$25. This will certainly attract more players than ever before.

Initially, players will get 2000 chips for play. The game type is Texas Holdem, no limit.

The tournament is easily accessible online, thanks to the Horizon Poker Network.

Players from all around the world visit the platform and play poker games from the comfort of their homes.

Intertops Poker now expands its poker offer with these great tournaments that will occur every month.

There will also be additional wrap-up poker attractions to draw players into participating in amazing tournaments.

Intertops Poker Benefits

Organizing this particular poker tournament isn’t the only advantage that comes with Intertops Poker.

The site is visited by thousands of players daily, originating from all over the world.  The site offers no deposit bonus for newcomers giving players the upper hand at first.

Moreover, it also offers other casino games besides poker to suit the requirements of all players.

There is also the possibility of earning gold poker chips as a welcome reward.

Another reward that players can claim on this site is a NZ$100 Blackjack special deal. The deal is activated once a specified blackjack hand is won.

Horizon Poker Network certainly allows impressive gameplay experience and the best poker available online.

The main attraction that Intertops Poker has besides bonuses is a low entry stake.

This option allows players of a wide range of income to participate in the amusing and satisfying competition.

As much as this tournament now makes a great marketing asset to the company, Texas Holdem isn’t the only alluring game.

Other poker games are available online as well featuring some of the best card games in the world.

There is no doubt that players with fine taste can find everything they desire on this site.

Interesting games can be found for those that are into Caribbean Stud or Three Card Poker as well.

With all these games and features to offer, there is no wonder that Intertops Poker rates pretty high.

Wrap-up poker tournaments will now take place at least once a month, on one of its final days.

Poker players all over the world can join the hunt for the prize and easily register by several clicks.

Loads of fun and entertaining gaming environment awaits along with massive winning potential.


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