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If you’re looking for the best games in the industry that pay out consistently and fairly--Fair Go Casino is exactly what you’re looking for. The website is easy to use, simply log in, make any deposits to your account, and start winning real money!

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Review of FairGo Casino

Coming online in 2017, Fair Go Casino has built itself into one of the major players in the online casino industry. Developing a reputation based on a wide variety of exciting games, unique promotions, easy withdrawals, and consistent winnings payouts–Fair Go is continuing to expand with the latest and greatest technology.

Powered by Realtime Gaming software known for its many player-favourite games including their own exclusive slots collection. Each game provides its own unique gameplay that draws customers in over and over again. Their addition of a progressive jackpot throughout their games system sets them apart from the competition.

It’s no wonder Fair Go Casino has emerged to dominate the industry as, it’s home country, Australia is one of the largest markets for gaming in the world. The casino is actually part of a larger ownership group known for the hottest online casinos around the world. Miami Club, Sloto Cash, and Uptown Aces are all sister casinos of Fair Go Casino.

Outside of Australia, Fair Go Casino is taking hold. In the summer of 2017, players from the United States were allowed to begin making deposits into the company. This has expanded their player base–providing greater available payouts while offering a broad range of banking options including Bitcoin.

When You Visit FairGoCasino.com

Fair Go Casino has invested much of their time, money, and energy into creating a phenomenal gaming experience. The website is a reflection of this investment and maybe the websites only negative attribute. It’s simple green design with a menu bar on the left and casino deals on the right leaves much to be desired. If you’re looking for a website loaded to the brim with bells and whistles–Fair Go Casino is not what you’re looking for.

Fair Go Casino Bonus and Free Spins

If you’re looking for the best games in the industry that pay out consistently and fairly–Fair Go Casino is exactly what you’re looking for. The website is easy to use, simply log in, make any deposits to your account, and start winning real money. A simple menu offers your options–New Games, Pokies and Slots, Table Games, Video Poker, Specialty Games, and Progressives. Make your selection and begin to play.

The games are separated into these main categories. When you enter the menu, the list of games is displayed including their respective jackpots, which vary from game to game. Going even deeper, by clicking on each game, new information is displayed including the game’s volatility, theme, amount of lines, bet amount, scatter, type of jackpot, and any special features. This expanded detail is very helpful to gamers and allows them to customize their play.

The rotating progressive jackpot counter and the scrolling chyron displaying recent winners all promote a sense of winning found throughout the website. This mentality is not a guarantee of success but does show how much Fair Go wants you around.

Bonus & Free Spins at Fair Go

Fair Go Casino is renowned for their bonuses and promotions. Daily deals, deposit bonuses, and free spins are consistently found when visiting the website. As a way of marketing, these different promotions are offered to both new players and existing players alike depending on the player’s status.

One of the most popular promotions is Fair Go Casino’s matching program. They want to give you $1,000 in matching funds through a series of five deposits. New customers making their initial deposit will get up to $200 matched by Fair Go. For the next four deposits–five total–the casino will match each deposit up to $200. If you maximize your deposit in each of the five transactions, you can earn a free $1,000.

Fair Go Casino

  • Only $10 min deposit
  • Up to $1000 Welcome Package
  • New Australian Casino from 2017

As a special bonus, in addition to the matching program, if you have the mobile version of Fair Go Casino, they will match another 50% up to $200. This is an incredible incentive to not only use the web-based version but the mobile version as well.

If you are one who likes to game during the weekdays, Monday through Thursday, Fair Go Casino will give you an extra 30 free spins after making a deposit. These 30 free spins kick in the following Friday allowing you the opportunity to cash in later while you play now.

Finally, not everyone walks away as a winner when visiting the casino, that’s just fact. Fair Go Casino, however, offers a very special bonus that most other casinos wouldn’t even think about. They offer an instant cashback offer if your losses take your balance below one dollar. They will give you 25% of your losses back to either earn your winnings back or to cash out.

Fair Go Mobile Casino

Fair Go Mobile Casino Bonus

Today, it’s nearly impossible not to notice the number of online casinos in the app stores. Both Android and Apple have a variety of selections that allow you to experience the joy of casino gaming at home. Not all of these apps are made alike and fewer allow you to earn actual money.

The simple design of Fair Go Casino allows it to travel practically anywhere. Pop open the app, log in, and win that cash. Always completely free, Fair Go Casino is accessible and reliable. You don’t have to worry about your deposits or credits being in the right place–it’s all in one.

The best part of the Fair Go Casino app is that it offers extra features the web version can’t making play a convenient experience. Pop up notices for special promotions, a favourites list, easy transitions between games, and even on the go customer support are all examples of these personalized touches that other casino apps will not offer.

Plus, it’s an app where you make real, legitimate money to use for whatever you’d like. Casually play while on the go and collect your winnings. There’s never been an easier time to get into the game.

Games at Fair Go

Speaking of games, Realtime Gaming provides a spectacular assortment of casino games for all skill levels. Tabletop games, progressive jackpot slots, classic pokies, video poker, keno, and more await gamers when they log in to Fair Go Casino.

Always offering the newest and most advanced games in the industry, Fair Go Casino highlights these with their own category. Constantly rotating, these games featured licensed slots like Richie Valens La Bamba slots or classic games with modern updates like Panda’s Gold. Don’t miss the multiple options of games that offer progressive jackpots that can offer you the opportunity to win over 2 million dollars.

As of the writing of this review, there are over 55 different versions of video poker available on Fair Go Casino. This is one of the most popular games in the casino and Fair Go has made it a point of emphasis on their website and app.

In the Specialty Games menu, you can find those niche games that can typically be found in the casino. Roulette (both American and European), Craps, and Keno are available in this section. This is also where you’ll find those very exciting, cutting-edge games. An example of this game is Treasure Tree, where the player has to match 3 money bags to win free games or prizes. This fun game is a way to break up your gameplay and play like a kid again.

No good casino is worth its salt if it doesn’t have table games and Fair Go Casino has you covered. Multiple variations of blackjack and poker populate the casino. Some of these games are even included in the progressive jackpot pool. Additional options like Pai Gow, Pontoon, and Rummy round out the games typically found in a traditional casino but available for Fair Go Casino players.

Deposits and Withdrawals

You have your winnings, you’ve played your fill of games, and now you want to cash out–is it easy? This is a common scenario for gamers, especially those new to the world of online casinos. What about getting money into my account? How safe deposit? Fair Go Casino wants to make deposits and withdrawals as smooth and simple as possible, a common theme found throughout their business.

The growth of Fair Go Casino has led to an expansion of their banking options. Deposits are currently limited to the major credit card suppliers–Visa and Mastercard. Hearing from feedback from players, FairGo Casino added Neteller, PaySafeCard, and Skrill to their options. These are safe and secure ways to get money into your account. Click on the deposit money button in your account, provide your information, and minutes later you are playing your favourite games.

Options for payout are a little more limited at the present moment. Payout times average around 15 days if you’re transferring to your bank (wire transfer). While they’re much quicker if using a different option like Neteller or Bitcoin. The offering of Bitcoin as a payout option is very attractive in 2018. It’s quick, fast, and convenient and allows for the easy transition of your money.


The Neosurf Banking Method For Casinos


The Neosurf banking method that people use for casinos is something that they can enjoy because it is much safer than using a regular baking account. The Neosurf banking method is something that people can use because it allows them to fill up their account, and they can do all this securely. They could use this banking method for anything at any time, but it is very easy to use when people do not want to pay fees and deal with banks.

1. Why Neosurf?

Neosurf is something that people can use when they want to have a place to keep their money that is safer for them. They could avoid banks this way, and they could use these accounts with a prepaid card. It is very simple for people to use the prepaid card, and there are many people who will use the cards instead of a debit card.

2. Using It In Casinos


FairGo Casino allows people to use the Neosurf payment system to fill up their accounts, and it helps them make the choices that they need to get money into their account safely. This is easier than using a bank because there are no fees, and people get their transfers done instantly. They will be much happier with the customer care that they get, and they will find that they can use the system to fill up their account and take the withdrawals in the same way.

3. Why Do People Prefer This?

People prefer this system because it is much more basic than working with a bank. It helps them feel like they can have the choices that are best for them as people going forward, and they will notice that they can check their balance in an app easily. They only have one prepaid card, and they can use the online payment system if they need. This is the simplest way for someone to get the results that they need, and they can use the system because it is an alternative that they use for all their banking.

4. How Does FairGo Casino Work?

The FairGo Casino has been set up for the people who love to gamble most, and it is a place that people come because they want to see a large assortment of games that they will fall in love with. They can invest in these games with no trouble, and they can do that at any time. They can use the casino online, or they can get the app that allows them to sign into their account to get the same results. Anyone who is not sure what to start with can choose any game they want.

5. How Do People Start With Neosurf?

Neosurf is a place that people can come to set up their banking accounts at any time. They can start their account right away, and they can use these accounts in any capacity they want. They can get their card because that makes life that much easier, and they can take that card anywhere that they want. This means that people could use these cards as their primary purchase option, and these same people will be happy because they have something that they can use to shop anywhere at any time.

6. Conclusion

The cards and prepaid accounts that people have will help them make payments through the Neosurf system, and they could also make purchases in the casino or fill iup their account to play. Someone who wants to make their account more secure could use Neosurf, and they might use it in the FairGo Casino as needed.


Getting Help

Support is a major priority for Fair Go Casino. Offering 24 hours a day, 7 days a week customer service is a perk that many online casinos do not provide. Questions about deposits, withdrawals, game suggestions, promotions, or even if you just want to say hello can all quickly be addressed so that you’re spending more time playing and less time worrying.

Fair Go Casino offers three different methods of support. The first is via email which takes a bit longer to get a response as it’s not immediate. The second option is via phone call. The casino offers a phone number for local questions and suggestions while also offering an international line for those calls from players around the world. The third and most popular option is live chat. Get your answers on demand through Fair Go’s live chat option.

FAQ at FairGo Casino

1) When was FairGo Founded?

FairGo started back at the beginning of 2017. It is a brand new Australian casino site that a lot of players have been having fun with. FairGo is owned by Deck Media which has been around for a few decades. Deck Media has built a strong reputation in the gaming industry. Their reputation is solid. There is an old saying that goes, “any friend of theirs, is a friend of mine.” That is the type of logic players can find with FairGo and Deck Media. They use RTG(Real Time Gaming) Software.


2) How Do Deposits Work With FairGo?

Players can make a deposit by logging into their account. Mobile users can use the “deposit ” button at the end of their screen. Desktop users can use the “cashier ” button located on the left side of the lobby. Choose the preferred method of payment and follow the instructions. It is that easy.

Sometimes the information does not go through on the first try. Players need to contact the support staff to find out why and how they can resolve the issue. Overall, it should work. Most players do not have problems with it.

Some players get a “payment is pre-authorized” message. Do not panic. Wait and try it again in ten minutes or so. Trying it again right away might result in further issues in the system. Players who have persistent problems need to contact customer service.


3) How Do I Make A Withdraw From FairGo?


Players have a few options here. They can either choose a bank wire transaction, Neteller, Skrill, and Bitcoin. Players can find out more by Googling withdraw options for FairGo online. FYI: Neteller and Skrill will only cash out when a player has a minimum of $50 in the bank. Bank wire and Bitcoin offer $100 minimum cash out option.

4) What Types of Game Does FairGo Offer?

They offer a wide variety of games. Thet offer everything from BlackJack and Caribbean Stud Poker to Super 21. Slot machine games range from Voodoo Magic to Texas Tycoon.

5) Does FairGo Offer A Mobile App For Its Players?

Yes. FairGo offers an easy-to-use mobile app that is very popular with players.


6) What Types of Bonuses Does FairGo Offer?

They have a welcome bonus that equals $1,000. Players can receive the full amount through a series of 5 deposits that equal out to $20 each. Players get a 100% match on each deposit up to $200. Players who do that 5 times get the $1,000.

They have two offers: 25% cash back on losses and the bonus to go. Players can find out more on these by going to the site. Players can also see their different options by tapping on the “messages” option in the menu.


7) Does FairGo Offer Free Spins? How Do they Work?

Yes. You can have 20 Free Spins No Deposit Needed at Registration.


8) How Does the Wage Requirement Work At FairGo?

Players should click on the terms and conditions page below to find out more.


9) Are There Any Terms and Conditions Applied To the Bonus?

Players can read all about the terms and conditions at https://www.fairgocasino.com/terms-conditions.


10) What Type of Support System Does FairGo Offer?

They offer customer service support in the form of a phone number and email chat. Some players have said they are not very helpful, but each player can judge for themselves.

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