How to Use eSports Betting Apps


Online sports betting is the easiest and most convenient way of placing bets, but some people may be baffled by esports betting apps.

While some players just want to stick with the routine of betting the old-fashioned way, others are looking for updates.

Many major NZ betting sites offer special esports betting apps that make betting even faster.

If you'd like to learn how esports betting apps work, keep reading to find out some important details.

Finding esports betting apps

Many esports betting apps are available, but not all are equally valuable and reliable.

If your betting app is unreliable, you may struggle with processing your bets on time, which leads to poor betting results.

Instead of struggling, you should find esports betting apps released by prominent online gambling sites.

To find such betting sites and the right app, remember these four key points:

  • Pick a reliable and licensed betting operator
  • Check the version of the app
  • Read the compatibility details for mobile platforms
  • Test the usability of the app

Most betting apps are available for Android and iOS, though some exceptions exist.

Some betting sites may not even require an app: you can just place your bets via a convenient mobile-optimized casino.

Download and install the app

Once you find a seemingly reliable app on prominent operator sites, it’s time to download and install it.

This can be easily done by following some simple steps.

Just scroll down the site, search for the app download button, and continue with these steps:

Download the app file

Most esports betting apps can be downloaded directly from the casino's website.

Once you have the file downloaded and ready on your device, you can proceed with the installation.

Enable installation from all sources

Especially if you are using Android devices, you can face difficulties downloading from unreliable sources.

In essence, your device will recognize the app file as a threat, but this problem can be easily overcome.

Just enable downloads from all sources for the period of the app installation.

Install the app

Once you enable all source installation, it could take a few minutes for the installation to finish.

Afterwards, you can again activate the prevention of installing suspicious files on your device.

Most of the apps are ready for use at this point, with the option to save the data you enter.

Scroll the app and see the options

After going through the listed steps, your app should be ready for use.

You can enter the app even without having an account to scroll down the options.

The best part of esports betting apps is the chance to place live bets and use bonuses provided.

How to sign up on esports betting apps?

After installing the betting app, you need to open an account.

To register, just select the player icon that is usually located at the top corners of the app.

The player icon demonstrates personalized account configuration.

You could be requested to submit some personal details like an ID number, confirm the age verification or submit banking details.

Rest assured, your information is safe due to strong privacy mechanics, like SSL encryption.

After registration, you can check the option for the app to save your login details for more convenient access.

Claim bonuses

As a prize for joining the app and signing up, you may be eligible for various bonuses, such as free bets or deposit bonuses.

You can even get some starting no deposit bonus offers to boost your initial results.

Also, reloading offers are there for the players that enjoy periodical promotions given weekly or monthly.

Betting bonuses can greatly help use the apps and ensure profitable online play.

Use live betting

Live betting is a great tool to use for esports.

You can use in-play bets on specific esports events and tournaments for higher prizes.

For instance, betting live on the underdog to win can ensure a much higher return than doing it pre-game.

Live betting can make all the difference between betting on a site and using the esports betting apps.

Make sure you understand live betting options before placing any wagers for real money though.

Hopefully, with our tips and usability advice, you will now be an expert in using esports betting apps.

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