Live and Real Casino Etiquette Rules


Online casinos might be fun but nothing beats the feeling of an actual casino.

There's just something about sitting behind the casino game table or pulling the lever on a real slot machine.

However, when you visit a live casino or a land-based casino, you should follow some etiquette rules to avoid embarrassing situations.

If you don't follow these rules, you might not necessarily get into trouble but you sure won't earn any popularity points in the gambling community.

Below, we're highlighting some major dos and don'ts to help you make a good first impression.

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Dress Semi-Formal

At most casinos, you should dress semi-formal.

This means you don't necessarily have to dress fancy but you definitely shouldn't show up in a T-shirt or pyjamas either.

Your clothes should be nice and dandy – a pair of slacks, a nice shirt, a blazer.

Like in any other social event, you should show a bit of respect and dressing dandily helps to achieve that.

Be Polite

Gambling is an emotional activity and sometimes, emotions may run wild at the tables.

When someone loses money, they might lose their temper.

Winners might become rude, too – celebrations might end up bothering others.

Erratic behaviour is never okay, no matter if you win or lose.

Stay polite, keep calm and avoid emotions going too overboard.

Observe and Ask

If you've never visited a casino before and don't understand how blackjack or roulette works, it's always best to observe the game.

Usually, after just chilling around and keeping an eye on the games, you'll start picking up some skills.

Watch the game before joining and when you're ready to join, first ask if there's a spot available.


Don't Sit If You're Not Playing

Observing is fine, but if you're not playing, don't sit at the table.

Seats are reserved only for players.

If you just sit at the table and do nothing, it's as if you'd be going to a restaurant and not ordering anything.

It wastes everyone's time and is just blatantly rude.

Don't Give the Dealer Money or Try to Chit-Chat

You should never hand over your money to the dealer – that's handled by the casino.

Get your cash traditionally converted into chips.

Also, it's considered to be impolite to talk to the dealer.

You can be nice and say hello, but don't try to grab the dealer's attention and engage them in a conversation.

Chit-chatters are just disruptive to the whole gambling experience.

No Phones

Phones are incredibly distracting and it's just plain rude to have one in your hand during the gameplay.

If you need to call or text someone, step away from the table.

While sitting, always keep your phone away.


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