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Closest To Nine Wins Every Time: The Game Of Punt0 Banco

The game is Punto Banco is becoming increasingly popular among gamblers today. Many uninformed gamblers wonder about the rules of the game and what how is the game set up. Below is a brief introduction that should answer those questions for those interested in learning the game of Punt Banco.

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How to play

The main theme of this game is to make a wager on a gamble between two players-a player(who is called punto) and the bank(who is called banco). The person who wins is the one with the closest hand to nine. While this may seem simple, it is not so once all the other rules of the game are involved. In this game, all of the cards with values of ten are worthless. This means the kings, queens, jacks, and tens have no value at all. The aces are only worth one while the other cards have their same values.

The combined total of the hand is figured out by adding up the numbers of the card and if the amount is more than ten then ten is removed. In other words, if the hand has a 6 and an 8, this is totalled out at 4(8+6=14=4). Because the total is more than ten, ten is automatically deducted from the total. This is how the game is played.

Making bets is really easy in Punto Banco. Gamblers place chips on the box of choice on the table in front of them. There are three choices of where to place chips-either punto, banco, or a tie. As soon as the bets have been made, the player in the first seat takes the cards and deals four cards to the dealer who then places them. The cards are dealt in the following manner: the first card is dealt to the player, the second card goes to the dealer, the third card is dealt to the player and the last card goes to the bank. After each game, the bets laid down are paid out or collected by the casino. A major difference with the online version of Punto Banco is that the dealer does all of the dealings of the cards and there is no waiting around and counting out four cards. Some gamblers enjoy the thrill of counting out four cards in anticipation of having a good hand.

Once the player and the bank have two cards a piece, there are additional rules that must be followed.

Punto Banco Rules

Player Rules
– If the hand equals zero to five then a third card is drawn to the player
– If the hand equals six or seven, it stands as is.
– If the hand equals eight or nine, this hand is called a “natural” and stands as is.

Banker Rules
– If the banker's hand equal zero to three, a third card is dealt regardless of what is in the player's hand.
– If the banker's hand equals four and the player's hand equals between two and seven then a third card is dealt to the banker.
– If the banker's hand equals five and the player's hand equal equals between four and seven then a third card is dealt to the banker.
– If the banker's hand equals six and the player's hand equals between six to seven then a third card is dealt to the banker. This is only if the player's total amount was made from three cards.
– If the banker's hand equals seven then the banker must stand.
– If the banker's hand equals eight or nine then the banker and the player must both stand.


This is the basic way the game is played and the rules to be followed by the players of the game. Before winning bets are paid out, the losing bets are collected first. If there is a tie, the bank pays those who bet on a tie. Players who bet on either punto or


do not lose in the event of a tie. All the bets made on punto are paid out evenly while the winning banco bets pay out at 19:20. This is because 5% commission goes to the house. The winning bets on a tie are paid out at 8:1 in this game. There is money to be made in punto banco but the rules are the first thing to be learned and then the payout structure is next.

Punto Banco Strategy

There are many strategies for this game and gamblers have spent much time and money learning the one golden strategy for this game. Here is a strategy that is based on one rule: if the gambler does not place a bet on a tie there is a tie hand, the money is returned to the gambler. With that as the foundation for this strategy, let's see how this works.

When looking at the other two possible bets to be made, a bet on the player or the banker, there is a slight edge given to the banker bet. This is because the commission is taken into account as being non-existent. But even if the commission is allowed, the edge for the banker bet is just over 1%. This is better than a coin toss.

The player bet, on the other hand, has a higher house edge, but since there is no commission there is nothing taken away from the winnings made.

Because of the low house edge with the banker bet, this makes the banker bet the safest Punto Banco bet in the game.

Once the odds of the game are considered, this strategy makes sense. The house has an edge with the ‘tie' bet. This bet will land less frequently, so the payout is larger. This is the main temptation for gamblers to choose the tie bet. With the other two bets having similar odds to each, there is a commission that comes out of the banker bet (5%) that is not taken from the player bet.

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