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A Journey Through Seven Years in the Casino Affiliate Industry


Lukas Mollberg


We took the chance to sit down with Lukas Mollberg, a seasoned veteran in the casino affiliate industry. Lukas has been with for seven years, overseeing its operations, growth, and partnerships. In our exclusive interview, he offers valuable insights into what it takes to succeed in this competitive sector.

Background and Experience

Sarah: Can you walk us through your 7-year journey with

Lukas Mollberg: Certainly. I joined back when the industry was still finding its footing. Initially, our primary goal was to establish trustworthiness and reliable partnerships. Over the years, we've expanded our reach, added more verticals, and adapted to the ever-changing landscape. It's been an incredible ride, to say the least.

Sarah: What initially attracted you to the casino affiliate industry?

Lukas: The dynamism of the sector was truly appealing. Every day is different, and the potential for growth is immense. The mix of marketing, technology, and regulation creates a unique set of challenges and opportunities.

Understanding of the Industry

Sarah: How has the casino affiliate landscape changed over the years, and how have you adapted to these changes?

Lukas: The industry has seen a significant shift towards stringent regulations and increased competition. We've adapted by focusing on compliance, enhancing our user experience, and diving deep into data analytics to fine-tune our strategies.

Sarah: Can you explain the legal framework surrounding casino affiliate marketing, both in your jurisdiction and internationally?

Lukas: Absolutely. In New Zealand, the laws around gambling and affiliate marketing are somewhat conservative but are opening up gradually. Internationally, it varies widely. For example, European markets are generally more liberal but have a complex set of regulations. We have a dedicated legal team to ensure we are always in compliance.

Skills and Qualities

Sarah: What do you believe are the most essential skills needed in managing a casino affiliate site?

Lukas: Technical skills like SEO are crucial, but soft skills like leadership and adaptability are just as important. Balancing analytical thinking with creative problem-solving is key.

Sarah: What tools or software do you consider indispensable in your work?

Lukas: Google Analytics, a robust CRM system, and SEO tools like SEMrush are part of our essential toolkit.

Strategy and Operations

Sarah: How do you decide which casino partners to affiliate with?

Lukas: We look for partners who align with our values of trust, reliability, and user experience. Due diligence is critical, involving everything from background checks to trial partnerships.

Sarah: Can you describe your approach to SEO and content marketing?

Lukas: Our approach is multi-faceted, combining on-page SEO, link-building, and content that offers real value to our audience. We focus on long-term organic growth rather than quick wins.

Metrics and KPIs

Sarah: What key performance indicators (KPIs) do you focus on, and why?

Lukas: Conversion rates, customer lifetime value, and organic traffic are among our top KPIs. These metrics give us insight into both the efficiency and long-term sustainability of our efforts.

Sarah: Can you share an example where you improved a specific metric and how you achieved it?

Lukas: We managed to significantly improve our conversion rate by A/B testing our landing pages and tweaking our call-to-action elements. Simple changes led to a 20% uptick in conversions.

Team and Collaboration

Sarah: How do you coordinate with other departments like content, SEO, and legal teams?

Lukas: We have weekly sync-ups and use project management tools to ensure all departments are aligned. Communication and collaboration are at the core of our operations.

Challenges and Problem-solving

Sarah: Can you share a major challenge you’ve faced in this industry and how you dealt with it?

Lukas: Adapting to new regulations is always a hurdle. We had a situation where compliance rules changed dramatically in a core market. It was tough, but our legal and content teams came together to make the necessary adjustments promptly.

Sarah: How do you stay updated on changes in regulations and compliance requirements?

Lukas: I subscribe to industry newsletters, and we also have a legal team that briefs us on any changes. Keeping up-to-date is crucial in this industry.

Future Outlook

Sarah: What trends do you see shaping the future of casino affiliate marketing?

Lukas: I see increased use of AI and machine learning in personalizing user experiences. Also, more markets are opening up to regulated online gambling, which presents new opportunities.

Sarah: How do you plan on adapting to upcoming changes in the industry?

Lukas: We aim to stay agile, keep learning, and perhaps most importantly, never become complacent. As new technologies and markets emerge, we're keen on adopting and experimenting with them.

Ethical Considerations

Sarah: What ethical considerations do you take into account when operating a casino affiliate site?

Lukas: Promoting responsible gambling is paramount. We also ensure complete transparency with our users and maintain the highest standards of data privacy.

Closing Questions

Sarah: Is there something that you think we should know about you that we haven't covered?

Lukas: I think it's important to note that while I focus a lot on the business side of things, I'm also deeply committed to creating a positive impact on society, especially through responsible gambling initiatives.

Sarah: Do you have any questions for us?

Lukas: No questions, but thank you for the opportunity to share my insights and experiences. It's been a pleasure.

Sarah: Thank you, Lukas. It was great talking to you. Your insights into the casino affiliate industry are invaluable.

That concludes our interview with Lukas Mollberg of With seven years in the game, he offers a well-rounded perspective that combines technical know-how, strategic vision, and ethical considerations. It's clear that the industry has its challenges, but for those willing to adapt and innovate, the rewards can be significant.


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