Unibet Takes the Lead in Responsible Gaming


A Blueprint for a Safe Betting Experience

When it comes to online gaming and betting, the emphasis on responsible play can often get sidelined in the race for profits and customer acquisition. However, Unibet, an award-winning Responsible Operator, is setting a gold standard for how betting companies should guide and support their players to ensure a safe, enjoyable experience.

Going Beyond Lip Service: Unibet’s Comprehensive Approach

Many online gaming platforms provide a basic FAQ section on responsible gaming or simple features like deposit limits. Unibet goes beyond these rudiments by offering a broad range of tools, tips, and support structures to help players remain in control. From Reality Check notifications to Product Blocks and Self-Exclusion options, Unibet truly prioritizes player well-being. This multi-layered approach puts Unibet miles ahead of its competition.

Reality Check and Player Profiles: Tools for Mindfulness

In contrast to some of its competitors who offer little more than cursory measures, Unibet provides intricate tracking tools designed to make responsible betting second nature. Players can take a quick nine-question test to assess their player profile, enabling immediate identification of problematic habits. This is a proactive approach unlike any other, and it complements the Reality Check notifications that give updates on time spent and amounts wagered, lost, or won.

Flexible and Customizable Limits

Where other platforms might offer a rigid deposit limit structure, Unibet provides customizable options to fit individual preferences and needs. Whether it's limiting deposits or setting loss limits, players can define their boundaries on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Self-Exclusion and Product Blocks: Eliminating Temptation

For those who need a more strict control, Unibet’s Product Blocks and Self-Exclusion features go beyond the basics. While competitors may offer site-wide exclusions, Unibet lets you block specific products for varying lengths of time, eliminating unnecessary temptation.

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Additional Support Services: Giving More than Just a Helpline

It's not just about the tools. Unibet also guides its players towards trusted support services like Gambling Therapy, Gamblers Anonymous, and BeGambleAware. Additionally, Unibet has joined hands with Gamban to offer anti-gambling software for free to all its customers, an initiative that most competitors have yet to match.

Protecting the Vulnerable: Underage Gambling Prevention

Unibet is proactive in its attempts to mitigate underage gambling, going beyond mere age verification to offer resources like Net Nanny, a web filtering software, to help parents and guardians restrict access to betting sites.

Room for Improvement

While Unibet's responsible gaming features are commendable, there is always room for growth. For example, Unibet could look into:

  1. Machine Learning Algorithms: Implementing AI to predict potentially risky behavior based on player activity.
  2. Interactive Workshops: Offering webinars or live Q&A sessions on responsible gaming.
  3. Community Forum: Creating a platform where players can share their experiences and strategies for maintaining responsible gaming habits.
  4. Enhanced Customer Support Training: Further upskilling customer service agents to deal with responsible gaming issues in a more empathetic manner.

In summary, Unibet is clearly leading the way when it comes to fostering a responsible gaming environment. With a well-rounded set of tools and support systems, Unibet offers a blueprint that the entire industry would do well to follow. Responsible gaming is not just a regulatory requirement, it’s a moral obligation — and it's high time other operators took a leaf out of Unibet’s book.


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