Black Pudding Games

There’s a new and innovative online slots provider out there and it threatens to conquer the industry – the Black Pudding Games.

These days the iGaming industry is often criticized for similar games repeating all over again only in a different shape.

Even the bonus rounds of some games work based on similar mechanics and players are certainly on the lookout for innovative titles.

They, therefore, emerges on the market with perfect timing to supply online casino sites with original games.

Main aspects

Not only do Black Pudding Games appear different, but they also come with game mechanics that are never seen before.

The innovative nature of the Black Pudding Games is also shown in bonus rounds and in-game aspects.

Ordinary slot lovers might take some time to adjust to this type of game as each spin comes with mysterious and innovative aspects.

Currently, the Black Pudding Games produced four highly original slot titles while the company works on the production of more such games.

Titles provided by now by Black Pudding Games are:

  • Aeterna
  • Slice & Dice
  • Bun in Oven
  • Three Blind Mice

The Aeterna slot features a special Orbital Reactor feature that acts as a unique version of a bonus round.

Reel configuration is something that they changed in comparison to the classic slot grid featured in most games.

Aeterna slot includes a central symbol and six rotating symbol fields around it. The center symbol is fixed in place while the others rotate around it.

On top of the symbol fields, there’s a list of multipliers that trigger by cascading mechanics on each winning spin.

Players will love that the win limit of the game is infinite and players never know how big of a prize they can expect.

Unique gameplay of Black Pudding Games

Besides the Aeterna slot and its astonishing configuration, Black Pudding Games offers several other impressive titles.

The provider differs widely from Scientific Games, Red Tiger, or Push Gaming in the production of its games.

For instance, the Bun in the Oven slot comes with a 3x3 grid and a multiplier level that goes from x1,5 to x40 of the stake.

Matching the same cookies will result in the multiplier rising, so players are in for a delightful slot experience.

However, the Super Selector bonus round is the most tempting aspect of the Bun in the Oven slot. Players can win awesome prizes of up to x1000 of the stake in this bonus round.

The remaining two slots also include highly innovative slot features. So, players are making the right choice to select Black Pudding Games.

Black Pudding Games experts take their time while developing their slot titles. In order to make sure that enough time and effort is invested.

It may take some time to get used to a different look of the games, but they surely takes the iGaming field to the next level.

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