VegasCasino Review – Bonus & Free Spins


VegasCasino is a place made to give the appearance of the casinos in Las Vegas without all the travel that is typically involved.

VegasCasino is closed January 2020

About VegasCasino

VegasCasino is a place made to give the appearance of the casinos in Las Vegas without all the travel that is typically involved. Players can come to this casino to play all the games that they have wanted to try, or they could play new games that were just released by the developers. Players can use this site if they live in New Zealand, and they can make better gambling choices because of the massive selection on the site.

VegasCasino has all the glitz, glamour, and lights that someone would get in Vegas, and it maintains that background the whole time so that players can feel as though they have been droppined in the middle of the most entertaining city in the world. Players can sign up at any time, and they can play games for free if they are not ready to gamble yet.

The player will get all the things they need when they come to the homepage, and they can begin a journey by exploring this site for hours at a time. They can play any game that they want, and they can come back to their favorites if they like. The site has a fair play policy, great customer care, and a simple dashboard for the players to check. Continue looking to find what the casino can do for the player.

What Happens When You Get There?

The players that get to this site will find that they can check out all the most popular games, sign into their account, sign up for an account, and check out the promotions on the site. There are many people who will find that they can just click on the first game that they find interesting. They can continue to look through these games until they find something that they really want to play.

The players on the site must scroll all the way to the bottom of the page, and they will find notice that there are tabs for customer care, contact, and fair play at the bottom. The players can use these tabs to get the service they need, and they can go back to the top menu for the account details and their bonuses. The bonuses on the site are very unique to the company, and there are several different ways for people to pick their favorite game, and they might do that through bonuses or promotions.

Players who are trying to find a good game will see the characters at the top of the page, and they could get interned in the characters that populate all the games on the site. These very same players could decide that they are ready to play a brand new game they just found, and they can use the games to begin winning money after they have done some more research.


Promotions on the site are interesting because they sometimes provide a no deposit bonus of 20 Free spins. The players who are taking a look at the bonuses will find that they do not need to make a deposit. They can use that information to make some better decisions, and they can try out some games basically for free. The player can get more promotional money if they come back to check because there are many promotions running during the year.

Promotions are seasonal, and that makes it much easier for the player to get some extra money for holiday play or brand new games. There are many people who will want to get a promotion because they just came to the site to have a good time. The player could get into the games that they have just found because they were given a bonus that makes life easier. Someone who is trying to find games needs to look here first.

The players need to look over the different options that they have when they want to get promotions that are offered for the site. They want to use the site as a way to make money, and they will begin to discover different kinds of games and promotions that make it fun to play in tournaments, to learn the games, and to get into the promotions offered by the designers of these games.

Mobile Play

Mobile play is the best thing for people to use when they are trying to get the best possible results for their gaming. The players will find that they can use the mobile browser to play on the site because the whole site was optimized for mobile play. The players only need an Internet connection to play, and they can play for as long as they like when they have chosen a game that they like.

The very same players can transition from the desktop form of the game to the mobile version of the game on their mobile device. Players can play on their tablets or phones, and they can get a better experience if the graphics are better on these screens. Some people would prefer to play these games like this because they always have these options to play on the mobile site and get great results. The players can enjoy more because they like the way that the games look, and they never have to worry about having a massive app on their phone or tablet.


The games on Vegas Casino are really exciting because they have a large range that goes from the simple table games that people are used to, and they have slot machines that people have gotten excited about. The players will find that they can use the games to win money and chat with friends. They could even use the site as a way to play with a live dealer. The live dealer games make things interesting for all players, and that makes it simpler for people to get results that will feel more like playing in a real casino.

The games on the site have a nice ability level grading that helps the player choose the right game to play. They can lean towards the games that they think are best for them, and they can go into a room that will help them win money without being blown away by people that are that much better than them.



Banking on the site is very easy to do because the player can attach anything that they want to the site. They can use a credit card or banking account that they want. There are many people who want to use the banking page because they need to have sa look at the account and how much money they have won. It is easier to check these things out because they can see which games allowed them to make the most money, and they will get excited knowing that they can simply go back to those games if they want.

Players can deposit while playing a game, and they will have an easy time keeping a game going if that is what they need. The players will be interested to know that they can change their deposit method at any time, and they can make changes to how they manage their money when they go to their dashboard.

The players do not have to wait to get their money back when they are withdrawing, and that makes it even easier for the players to have good results because they can get all that money back as soon as they have won it. They never want to wait to get their money back, and they do not want to feel like they are going to have to keep all their money in their account because the site does not pay out fast enough.

Customer Care:

Customer care on the site was designed to make it easy for the player to get someone to help them. They can call if they are in New Zealand, and they can send an email if they need a longform answer to their question. The player can make these decisions fairly easily, and they can start making choices that will help them improve their experience.

There is a live chat window on the site that does the same thing, but players can talk with someone in realtime. These player will find that they can use the site to get answers to questions that they have always wondered about, and they can eve settle their fair play disputes here if they need to. The customer care staff can log into their account, and the customer care team will take care of everything faster.

The players that want to get customer care should look at the bottom of the screen to see what their options are, and they can start getting answers any time. The player can also settle any disputes they have be it with their payouts or with the way that the company is handling certain games. They can also contact developers through their links at the bottom of the page.


Vegas Casino – FAQs

1. When was Vegas Casino founded?

The online casinos in the Vegas style were founded online in the early days of the Internet, and it was a time when they wanted people to have a place to invest their money in gambling so that they could save money, have fun, and meet friends. The casinos have grown with the Internet, and it has become a place that people go when they want to see the latest games, make the most money, and truly enjoy online gambling.

2. How can I deposit to Vegas Casino?

Deposits on these sites are all secured, and they happen quickly. Players could even add money to their account while they are playing a game, and they will make a lot more money from this casino because they have invested in their account along with bonuses that are given for deposits.

3. How do I withdraw from Vegas Casino?

Withdrawals are immediate, and players will be able to get all their money back quickly. They do not need to wonder when they will get their money back, and they will be much happier with the way that they manage their money because they are using their account to transfer safely. They could use any withdrawal style they like, and they also need to be sure that they have checked their account activity so they know where they made the most money.

4. What games can you play at Vegas Casino?

The games in online casinos were designed to make life easier for all players, and they were brought from many developers who have created for the site for many years. The sites are a places where people can have a good time, where they can play games that are brand new, or where they can play games they have loved for years.

5. Does Vegas Casino has an Mobile App or a mobile casino?

Mobile play on these sites happens through their website or app, and they allow players to sign into their accounts just as they would have in the past. Someone who wants to make the most money from the site should play on their mobile device because they can use a touchscreen. The sites allow them to get into their account, add money, withdraw money, and get customer support.

6. What bonuses does Vegas Casino has?

Bonuses on these sites are usually welcome bonuses. However, they also have a number of bonuses that are released for customers who are playing specific games. They have seasonal games, and they have bonuses that are just for tournaments. The bonuses renew daily, and avid players should check back often.

7. What free spins bonus does Vegas Casino have?

Customers can get free spins from their online casino, and they will be in a much better position to play slot machines because they can learn for free. Check out special deals for each game, and make certain to have a large stockpile of spins that would be helpful for new players.

8. What wagering requirement applies to bonuses?

Wagering requirements on these sites are meant to have players use their bonuses before their regular cash. The player who wants to invest in bonuses should use all those up first, and they will notice that they can make a lot of money before using their regular cash. Bonus money cannot be withdrawn until it is used to gamble.

9. What are the terms & conditions of the bonus?

There are terms and conditions on every site that people need to be aware of, and players should read up before playing.

10. What support options does Vegas Casino offer?

Customer support is handled through the phone number for local residents, and the casinos have an email page that people can use if they need to send long messages. There is also a live chat window that is open for use during games.

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